467AS.JP10 with most common sizes in a convenient pocket holder.

  • Work faster
  • More comfort
  • More safety

The set contains 10 wrenches :
8-10-11-12-13-14-16-17-18-19 mm.

The 467AS is the only ratchet wrench on market with an anti slip feature at both ends! It combines productivity and safety whilst retaining the same accessibility as standard combination wrenches.

The unique design of the open end results in a greater reduction in rounding of fastener heads:

  • Special hooks integrated in the 467AS open end “lock” with fastener head edges reducing the risk of slipping >> the open end does not slip off the fastener head.
  • While fastening or loosening, the power is transmitted to a larger surface area on the fastener heads >> less stress on the edges and therefore less rounding.


The special ring end supports professional work in day to day business:

  • A special integrated clip prevents the fastener from simply passing through the ring end >> the ring end does not slip off the fastener head.
  • The integrated clip moves to allow the fastener to pass through the ring end when additional force is applied to push the wrench down >> the wrench has same accessibility as all standard wrenches e.g. to a second nut.

With its anti slip open end and its anti slip ring end, there will not slip off the fastener head anymore, you'll work faster, and gain in productivity and safety.

467AS 467AS 467AS 467AS 467AS 467AS.JP10 467AS

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