Inspection Lamp
with ‘Find My Light’


A leading light in the workshop of the future:
the 779.CL5 Inspection Lamp with ‘Find My Light’ technology

Building on the success of its iconic 779.CL workshop lighting series, FACOM® has today unveiled the 779.CL5 Inspection Lamp with ‘Find My Light’ technology. With the introduction of this new light, FACOM is addressing two of the most common workshop user issues, namely losing or breaking their insoection lamps.

Furthermore, the 779.CL5 is the first in a series of premium, smart and connected tools to be introduced by FACOM, as part of a new ‘Garage of the Future’ initiative across its extensive portfolio of automotive products and solutions.

This innovative tool is the world’s first inspection light of its type to incorporate a long range radio frequency signal, ensuring professional operators will avoid losing their essential work light. There are many lights today that use Bluetooth, but this is ill-suited for the automotive and industrial workplace since the range is too short. If the lamp is misplaced or mixed up with others within the garage environment, the user simply presses the ‘Find My Light’ button on the paired docking station, immediately triggering the alert system, so the unit can be easily identified or located.

In addition, the 779.CL5 emits an audible security alarm should the signal between the docking station and the light itself be lost, thereby indicating that the tool has been stolen or taken away in error. This feature can be disabled, should the user wish to take the light off-site.

Another common cause of users losing their lights is when the lamp runs out of charge after being left switched on and forgotten after a repair has been completed. When the integrated battery begins to run low, the light will flash and ‘beep’ every 15 seconds, notifying the owner to retrieve the device and return it to the dock for recharging. Many competing workplace lamps feature a similar flashing light, however the 779.CL5 is the only light with an integrated audible alarm that ensures the user will locate their lamp.

Delivering 600 lumens for up to 3.5 hours, or 300 lumens for up to 6.5 hours, the high-performance 779.CL5 has been engineered for intensive automotive and industrial workplace use, delivering reliable luminosity in the most challenging conditions. Constructed from high-strength materials and certified IP67 for resistance against damage from water, dust and debris, this durable tool is suitable for almost any environment. Indeed, the light is so robust that users can feel confident it will continue to work, even if run over by a vehicle.

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World’s first inspection light with a radio frequency signal technology strong enough for the automotive and industrial workshop – alerts the user when it travels out of range and tracks the lamp when misplaced in the workshop.


NORMAL 6.5h constant lighting (300 lumen / 400 lux at 0.5 m), BOOST 3.5h constant lighting (600 lumen / 700 lux at 0.5 m)


Impact-resistant casing (IK08). Resistant to workshop solvents and common chemical products, and being immersed in water (IP67)


Rotating base, magnet and swivel hook enables users to position and angle the light as needed for hands-free use