Work space visibility is paramount for safety and productivity. Inspection lamps are vital tools in the automotive and industrial environments. FACOM, the leader in LED inspection lamps for

FACOM has designed a strong and reliable product for its industrial and automotive professional clients, with a stylish design for a light and compact solution.

The 779.SILR is a compact cordless and rechargeable inspection lamp. The 779.SILC is its wired equivalent. The streamlined design of both models ensures they are multipurpose, effective and durable.

Lighting dark places becomes problematic when light is blocked by tools or operator hands. As motor and machine compartments are shrinking, their access becomes particularly difficult.

FACOM uses the "SMD LED" technology for the ultra-profiled design of the 779.SIL range.

You can now bring light into the most confined spaces from inside, facilitating work in cluttered areas while avoiding shade effects. With its extra-slim body, the 779.SIL reaches cluttered areas inside a motor while being easy to fasten thanks to its hook. The hook was designed not to damage pipes and cables.

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