Simple and effective, clean-handed oil changing!

Nowadays, oil change is the most common operation in all auto garages, all over the world. This simple operation can avoid costly repairs, which can even include changing the engine. During this operation, mechanics often get burnt when removing or unlocking the plug by hand, or recovering it in the oil container.


To date, no innovating tool dedicated to oil change operations has ever been offered to workshops.

Concerned about responding to the worries of professionals and to improve their working conditions, Facom offers a brand new concept to the market which allows simplifying and reinforcing safety during oil change operations. Thanks to the a new wrench and its magnetic rod ends, professionals can work faster, thus gaining productivity and avoiding daily oil burns.

This new wrench (D.48), exclusively designed for oil-change operations, allows opening the plugs effortlessly and without oil coming into contact with hands.

A universal wrench with clever support

The new FACOM draining wrench is universal. It can be used in all countries, and on all vehicles whatever the make or model.

The new Facom draining wrench is offered alone or in its complete and practical work support integrating the wrench, 9 magnetic bits (hex, square or Torx) and 6 sockets. This support allows having all the tools within reach. It can be attached directly to the oil recuperator or it can be placed on a roller chest or set up.

D.48 - 5