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The ultimate screwdriver.
The Next Generation Protwist®, an update to the successful premium screwdriver range for the highest performance and the best comfort!

According to research carried out by FACOM®, today’s automotive and industrial professionals are demanding ever greater tip life, durability, reliability and comfort above all other properties, when choosing their preferred screwdriver range.

In response to these growing user requirements, new FACOM Protwist® has a new gold coloured zinc coating, offering +100% more TIP LIFE. The new FACOM Protwist® Screwdriver handle material is 12% SOFTER** (SHORE rating) to ensure optimum comfort and control for the user. Moulded into the centre of the handle is an ergonomically-designed ‘power channel’ that runs the length of the hand, enabling an improved grip and 10% increased torque transfer for more challenging tightening or unfastening requirements.

Particularly useful within industrial environments, the new Protwist® screwdriver series features 4x corrosion resistance of existing models, virtually removing the risk of potential damage from rust or chemicals. FACOM has also designed the new tools with +100% bar strength, delivering optimum torque levels and making them suitable for more extreme applications.

The new range is available in Phillips®, Pozidriv®, Torx® and Flared formats, with a variety of models tailored and colour-coded for specific industries and specialist applications : Standard, Power, Stainless, Shock, Insulated, Fluo, RFID, Tethered Safety Lock System.


* An average of 100% longer tip life compared with the existing FACOM Protwist range, measured across the entire Protwist range
** Based on SHORE A Gauge Rating



The new gold coloured zinc coating improves the tip life of the Protwist screwdriver by 100%


The new material and handle design improves comfort, grip control, chemical resistance and torque transfer


The inline hardening process makes the bar twice as strong for a maximum durability and better torque


Each tip gets associated to a unique colour for a faster identification of the tools