1964, FACOM created the best.
2016, FACOM made it even better ! The new ratchet S.161B is more resistant with IP 51 waterproofing. More compact, lighter and customizable with small color strips.
S.151 S.161B

FACOM offers a comprehensive range of ratchets and accessories from ¼’’ to ½’’ adapting to your needs and guaranteeing an optimum level of power and safety

Thanks to its new Mechanism, the S.161B ratchet is more resistant. Equipped with a high performance it is 2x more durable. Also, thanks to its patented new finger and its sealing allows, S.161B ratchet is resisting on industrial dust. With a reduced head height, the ratchet is 10% more compact and 15% lighter than the current FACOM models. Its Mechanism of 72 teeth and resumption at 5° allows a high precision.

The reversal is effected by means of its rotating cap. Its bi-material ergonomic handle is resistant to the toughest workshop solvents. It is also equipped with a hole for a safety lock system (SLS).

S.161B S.161B S.161B



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