Primarily intend for industrial maintenance and repair, this ratchet was designed with versatility, ergonomics, comfort and safety in mind.

This tool provides concrete responses to new client needs. First it guarantees optimum use thanks to 8 setting positions and an ergonomic handle. A versatile tool suited to all situations: standard handle length for proper accessibility and long handle for higher torqueing while deploying little effort.


Whether longer or more compact, it is the ideal tool for all types of tightening, and more economical: use a single tool instead of a standard ratchet and long reach ratchet. Once deployed, the ratchet applies practically twice the effort, while ensuring easy storage and carrying in maintenance once folded.

FACOM has also focused on safety by offering a ratchet with a mechanism perfectly suited to the handle's length (short and long).

sxl 161

SXL.161 - 1/2" extendable ratchet

sxl 171

SXL.171 - 1/2" flexible head extendable ratchet

sxl 180

SXL.180 - 1/2" jointed handle extendable ratchet