Continuing to lead the way in hand tool innovation, FACOM has unveiled this new Ultra High Leverage plier, combining revolutionary design with advanced engineering for ultimate cutting performance.

This high-performance plier has been specifically created for heavy-duty, repetitive industrial and automotive cutting applications, tackling tougher or more resistant materials such as cable, conduit and hard wire.
Thanks to this innovative new inverted form factor, the FACOM Ultra High Leverage plier delivers exceptional power with twice the leverage and efficiency of a standard 180mm diagonal cutting plier.
FACOM Ultra High Leverage Plier cuts, grips, holds, removes nails, cables materials with high repetition and harder more resistant materials.

  1. 50% less cutting effort*. Patented cam-curve design multiplies the cutting force while maintening a compact span that fits the hand
  2. Compact and ergonomic Soft Grip for improved comfort
  3. Cut max. Ø 3 mm piano wire: extreme cutting performance
  4. Return spring further reduces total user effort and strain
  5. Hanging hole for convenience.

*Compared with Facom diagonal cutting pliers 180mm (192.18CPE)


  • Bi-material grip resistant to industrial, automotive and aerospace chemicals
  • Multi-surface cutting edege to cut up to 3.0mm piano wire
  • Cam-curve design reduces effort by 50% vs Standard Facom 180mm diagonal cutting plier
  • In-built tether loop ready for ethering and locking system
  • Spring return reduces strain for high repartition use
  • Striking head profile designed to reduce stress points and provide durability
  • Sculptured upper section with fingerguard prodives a natural fit between index finger and thumb to aid grip
  • Concealed spring return system reduces total user effort and strain
  • Patened 3-Arm cam-curve design multiplies the cutrting force whilst maintening a compact span that fits the hand
  • Made in France to the highest quality FACOM manufacturing standards
  • Lifetime warranty

Made in France