FACOM pneumatic ratchets of the Titanium range were designed for fast and effective nut assembly and disassembly. For example, they provide access to narrow and cluttered locations, such as inside an engine.

FACOM engineers focused mostly on creating a range of robust, durable and effective pneumatic ratchets. This results notably in a sturdy Titanium body, a handle in high strength rubber, and a very high work frequency (up to 350 rpm).

legende VR.jz300

1. Safety

Retaining ball holding the socket with the release button.

2. Sealed head

Sealed titanium head for increased longevity and dust protection.

3. Reversion mechanism

Rotation reversing ring near the handle.

4. Maximum torque: 88 N.M

5. Comfort

Rubber and composite ergonomic handle.

6. Soft trigger

Sensitive trigger allowing optimum speed regulation.