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Aerospace solutions

Since 1918, FACOM has invested into aeronautical safety while adapting to each new technological evolution.

FACOM also works in partnership with its customers from the aeronautical sector to develop the FOD solutions of the future, including innovative tool detection systems.

Aeronautical expertise in permanent progress :

FACOM has an organisation able to provide complete and competitive solutions, with identical quality and service levels throughout the world.

  • The Facom Aerospace range has gained PROTO products, by one of the leading US firms in aeronautical maintenance, to complete its range of hand tools using imperial dimensions.
  • Storage solutions and power tools by other group brands also extend the range of solutions available.

Solutions and products dedicated to the aeronautical industry :



Facom RFID

A comprehensive range of tools integrating RFID chips for optimum traceability and detection.

Automated management of your tooling and its inventory.

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facom fluo

Facom Fluo

Range of fluorescent tools detectable using a UV lamp in dark or black areas up to 5 metres.

This solution reinforces safety by reducing the risks of accident related with loss of tools.

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Reversible locking pliers to reverse the rotation direction. Profiled head for easy access.

Fast twist in lock-wire securing assemblies subject to vibration. 



Motorist wrenches, available in inches and mm, with long-reach and slim profiles for working in confined spaces.

Recess under the handle allows to pass fingers or avoid an obstacle. Ideal for series of fasteners.



¼ ratchet with socket locking and fast release system for safe work.

Very long maintenance-free durability regardless of working conditions.