Cable-tie pliers are delivered with :

  • 2 exchange blades for the head.
  • 1 Battery 11.25V / 2.95Ah Lithium-ion CL3.CTB-BA.
  • 1 Charger CL3.CTB-CH.
  • 1 belt with 2 holsters : 1 left and 1 right holster.
  • Industrial shock proof rolling case with retracting handle, resists to extreme conditions, model BV.FC1.

How to choose the right tool ?

1 - Start by measuring the width of the plastic cable tie, which will help select the tool CL3.CTB50
or the CL3.CTB120.

  • 2.4 MM to 4.8 MM : CL3.CTB50
  • 4.8 MM to 7.6 MM : CL3.CTB120

2 - In the particular case where the cable tie is 4.8 MM wide, the torque needed for binding will define which tool needs using.

3 - If the torque needed for the tightening is unknown, it is advised to proceed by iterations: Start by the lowest torque setting and then increase progressively.

These tools have been developed to fight against repetitive stress injuries (RSI) caused by intensive or extended use of manual cable tie binders


The tools integrate themselves into the new process of improved energetic performance ISO 50001.


After the cut, the cable tie stem stays on the tool’s nose.