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Download the FACOM catalogue and promotional brochures.

This download section contains the entire Facom F13 catalogue as well as the promotional brochures currently available.

FACOM theme catalogues:

CATALOGUE 2016 - Safety solutions

With the RFID technology and fluo marking, tools are visible even in the dark and remotely detectable! And with the SLS solution for work at height ! Smart and innovative solutions for safety and productivity.

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INNOVATION 2015 - Automotive-Industry : All our innovations

Ready for all situations. Discover the INNOVATION 2015 catalog which includes all the new innovations of the year 2015 for the sectors of industry and automotive.

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Discover all the most innovative solutions for aerospace.

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Auto - Power tool solutions for vehicle servicing

FACOM has developed a comprehensive power tools range to meet a vast range of job requirements, including: General automotive repairs, Tyre changing, Auto body repair, Trucks, busses and farm equipment maintenance, Mobile assistance (Breakdown recovery).

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Industrial - Power tool solutions for industrial maintenance & repair

FACOM has developed a comprehensive power tools range to meet a vast range of job nrequirements, including: Industrial maintenance, Mobile maintenance, Metalworking and fabrication, Heavy equipment (Mining and construction) maintenance, Transportation (Aerospace, rolling stock, ship building).

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JetLINE+ - JetLINE+ SYSTEM brochure

Your new generation work space, customized and upgradeable!

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Jet+ - JET+ Brochure

A new generation of rolling cabinets designed specifically for You!

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