solution rfid

The fluo solution

Your solution for “black or dark zones”

Detect the tool thanks to its fluorescence, activated by a lamp or UV fluorescent tube.

Detectable in black or dark environment up to 5 metres.

gamme fluo
  • Powerful colour scheme: detection even in broad daylight.
  • Increased tool visibility : no risk of injuries, accidents, forgetting...
  • No chipping or scaling by falling or impact, no loss of product elements or accessories.
  • No larger than standard tools.
  • Handles like a standard product.
Enhanced productivity
  • Tools compatible with rolling cabinet storage modules.
  • No time wasted searching for lost tools.
  • Easy cleaning.
Cost reduction
  • No lost tools to be replaced.
  • Lifetime identical to a standard tool.

A comprehensive product range meeting most common applications.
Wrenches, ratchets, sockets, gauges, pliers, hammers, rules, etc.



Security, Productivity and Aerospace :


RFID technology and FLUO marking : smart and innovative solutions for safety and productivity.