Simpler, faster and easier work

To unlock drain plugs, mechanics currently use either a traditional draining wrench or a ratchet with a draining socket, which most of the time requires to use both hands to finish the operation.

With the new FACOM draining wrench and its magnetic bits, oil change operations have never been easier. Just set the wrench to the horizontal "power" position to unlock the plug effortlessly. Then set the wrench to the vertical "screwdriver" position for fast plug unscrewing. The wrench position changes by means of a control spring in the central joint preventing any risk of slipping.

Secured operations preventing burns

Using your hands to finish unscrewing or removing the plug is over! With this new wrench, tightening or removing drain plugs has never been so easy. Don't get burnt when removing the plug, as hot oil falls into the protection cup and no longer on your hands. The cup can then be removed.

The magnetic bits supplied with the new FACOM draining wrench avoid losing plugs in the oil pans. A 3/8’’ bit with ejector allows easy removal of the plugs, even covered in oil. Just push the protection cup.

Use the FACOM D.48 wrench to avoid any contact with hydrocarbons and getting burnt.

D.48 - 1 c.48 - 2
1. Unlock the plug
in the power position
2. Finish removing the plug in screwdriver position
the oil drops are stopped by the protection cup
c.48 - 3 c.48 - 4
3. Let the plug drip
above the oil collector
4. Bit ejector: :
easy bit changing even when covered in oil, just push the protection cup