Preshaped foam module solutions

Effective tool organization with the Facom Modular System

  • Each tool has a specific place : productivity, ergonomics and safety
  • Instant access to all your tools without wasting time and optimum safety: no more rummaging through loose tools in a drawer

module mousse solutionsTwo-coloured modular system of foam tool trays designed to resist a wide range of hydrocarbons, hydraulic fluids and cleaning products.
Modules compatible with JET+, JET.XL, CHRONO.XL and CHRONO + roller cabinets.
Dimensions : 418 x 188 x 45 mm.

FACOM control system

A precious visual aid for instant tool inventory and presence check in the roller cabinet.

  • Safety : A separate space for each tool prevents them being left in sensitive areas.
  • Optimized tool holding during transport.
  • Productivity : Tools quickly located and immediately returned after use. Avoiding loss.
  • Fast : Missing tools identified "at a glance".
  • Two-colour system: helps immediate identification of missing tools.
mousse bicolore


Security, Productivity and Aerospace :

Facom Control System