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Fod solutions

Tool management is related directly with prevention of FODs

All players in the aeronautical industry, whether in maintenance, subcontracting or construction (main system manufacturers, motorists, assemblers…), are permanently on the lookout for innovating solutions preventing the loss of tools in sensitive areas.


The stakes :

Safe : Cost reduction :
  • No tools lost or forgotten.
  • Tool visibility.
  • Less tools replaced due to loss or incidents.
  • Traceability & access control
  • Optimized processes.

Main damage due to FODs :
  • Production and assembly delays
  • Damaged parts
  • Loss of contracts
  • More severe injuries or accidents

FACOM currently offers 3 solutions :

module mousse

Preshaped Foam Modules

A visual detection aid for instant tool inventory and presence check.

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The Fluorescent Tool Range

Allows visual detection of tools in dark or black areas using a UV lamp.

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Built-in RFID chip solutions

Allows automated detection and traceability thanks to the RFID technology

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Security, Productivity and Aerospace :

+ 10 Md €

is the annual cost of damage related to FOD supported by the aeronautical industry


RFID technology and FLUO marking : smart and innovative solutions for safety and productivity.