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FACOM® reveals E.516ST Smart Torque Wrench for fast, accurate, increased precision!

Committed to delivering ground-breaking solutions for automotive and industrial professionals, FACOM® has once again set new standards with the launch of the innovative E.516ST Smart Torque Wrench. For advanced applications where accurate torque is critical, such as the fastening of wheel nuts, vehicle parts production, railway maintenance or industrial repair, the FACOM Smart Torque Wrench ensures precise, high speed operation and increased precision on every job.

Its in-depth research and development, and extensive experience within the automotive and industrial sectors, have led FACOM to create the most advanced torque wrench in its range yet. This truly powerful and connected solution brings enormous advantages to professional users, who will benefit from its state-of-the-art functionality: a critical combination of speed, precision and safety. Workshop and manufacturing management teams will also be impressed by the E.516ST, as it ensures fast and effective turnaround of work, with the reassurance of highly accurate results – as well as comprehensive resource management, and a complete record of operations for audit and control purposes.

This premium electronic tool is extremely easy to set up, with rapid Bluetooth connection to a mobile device via the dedicated FACOM app. Ready within seconds, the appropriate values can be entered into the tool via the app, enabling the user to make the necessary tightening adjustments quickly and accurately – to exact manufacturers’ specifications.

Designed for use by an array of professions, including garage and workshop mechanics, master technicians, railway engineers, maintenance specialists and operators on small to medium production lines, the E.516ST is particularly suitable for intensive or repetitive applications. For recurring tasks where required torque values are repeated throughout the day, ‘favourites’ can be recalled from the app database, further improving productivity, accuracy and speed. Professionals who regularly carry out sequences can define and program these into the app to simplify complex routines

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During operation, as the user nears the required torque level, the Smart Torque Wrench emits a haptic sensory warning through the handle, enabling them to anticipate the target torque value. Lights on the wrench nose also indicate progress, as do the value on the OLED wrench screen and the app display on the connected device. Once maximum permitted torque is reached, this is then confirmed by a positive audible and tactile ‘click’. This significantly increases working speed and efficiency, while reducing the danger of over-torque, and is particularly vital within noisy working environments.

All values throughout the day are recorded and synced via the FACOM app to a recicipient using file sharing (Excel, Google share, Whatapp,...), validating operations and generating a log of tightening tasks with related applied torque figures. This provides workshop, garage or production managers with activity analysis and a post-job audit trail. Frequently-used values can also be stored in the app. Furthermore, the wrench has an offline mode for setting and use when connectivity is not available. An integrated condition monitoring feature manages the individual wrench’s calibration schedule.


  • Featuring Bluetooth technology.
  • Dedicated app and wire free data exchange for management analysis and audit trail.
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  • 2 % Accuracy.
  • Meet manufacturer torque specifications precisely, reducing risk of over-torque.
  • Haptic and visual alerts warn the user as correct torque value is reached.


  • Quick and easy to set up and use.
  • Allows favourites and sequences to be saved for recurring and repetitive jobs.
  • Reduces errors in set-up.
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