High Precision Ratchets

High Precision Ratchets

Built for performance, precision and strengh. Introducing the FACOM® 181 High Precision 1/4” Ratchet with high tooth count mechanism.

Renowned for its range of iconic, high-performance ratchets for professional automotive and industrial applications, FACOM® has unveiled its first premium model with a ‘True High Tooth Count’ 80-teeth mechanism for ultimate precision, power and accessibility.

The compact FACOM R.181 1/4” square ratchet incorporates a slim head design and turns at 4,5° increments, ensuring excellent tightening capacity and accuracy within narrow or constricted spaces, and is particularly suitable for mechanics, maintenance specialists and engineers working with vehicle engines and complex industrial machinery.

Optimised for accessibility where space is at a premium, this versatile ratchet has been designed for maximum efficiency and productivity. Its innovative inverter control, positioned directly on the handle, facilitates safe, high speed operation and enables one-handed use, where required.

Engineered from the highest quality materials

As with all FACOM hand tools, the R.181 is engineered from the highest quality materials for extreme durability and strength. The robust, sealed ratchet head is 100% dustproof and IP54 certified, making it maintenance-free and ensuring extensive product longevity.

Outstanding comfort in operation is guaranteed thanks to the bi-material handle, which provides maximum grip, and is highly resistant to workshop chemicals and solvents.

A convenient hanging hook has been built into the end of the handle for additional practicality and safety.

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80-teeth mechanism for 4,5° increments (1/4'')
Increase tightening driving capacity in narrow spaces. More accurate tool.


Brand new inverter mechanism, directly available on the handle. Time saving, only one finger to revert, no need to use a second hand. Inversion optimized for narrow spaces.


Bi-material handle cleverly designed to be the most comfortable ratchet. Perfect grip. Resistant to workshop, chemicals and solvents.


Ratchet head completely dustproof and IP54 certified. No inverter mechanism on the head. Compactness optimized.