The Battery Station is a tool with three functions: starting / boost, recharging discharged batteries and memory saving unit.


With its castors, ergonomic handle and onboard car battery, it follows you easy and effortlessly up to the car to be started, whether inside the workshop or outside in the yard. The starting power is supplied by the onboard battery in its rear chest. As the capacity of car batteries exceeds that of booster batteries by far, the Battery Station will be ready to start many cars throughout the day, without requiring to be recharged itself. The booster can then be used for external repairs. FACOM recommends to use a 70Ah battery, which offers the best weight / capacity ratio, although the Battery Station will operate with all types of batteries from 40 to 80 Ah.

Connected to 220V mains, its charger will charge any commercial battery (Lead, Acid, AGM, Stop & Start, etc.). In addition, this smart charger indicates the charging level of the battery to be recharged, and optimizes its charging cycle to the level detected. The charger will also indicate if a battery is worn out, and will not start charging it.

Finally, the Battery Station is suplied with a 12V male/male cable for saving the memory for operations requiring to disconnect the battery.