FACOM Safety Lock System

Safety Lock System

Historically, FACOM has always worked closely with companies from diverse backgrounds to develop tooling solutions perfectly tailored to user needs.

FACOM has designed a new Safety Lock System range of tools specially suited for working at height to eliminate the risk of accidents due to dropped tools, to avoid wasted time and improve productivity.

Working at height

Falling tools can be very serious for the person affected and can also have serious consequences for the company. When a tool falls, you have to pick it up or go and look for it, which leads to a waste of time. When a tool falls, it can cause damage to an expensive installation, disrupt a production process or entail the loss of the tool. In these cases, there are financial repercussions.


  • FACOM has designed a special ring system for its SLS range of tools. The metal of the ring has been chosen to guarantee indestructible solidity: a security-related tool must not fail.
  • The steel cable is embedded in the metal to ensure an extremely robust "ring/cable" bond. In the extreme situation of breakage, the cable breaks before the bond.
  • The cable is crimped with a servo press to ensure perfect bonding.
  • In addition, each tool is checked individually using a tensile testing machine. A unit certificate is issued and a unique serial number is engraved on the tool. Thus, FACOM ensures traceability of its production, and you can also track your equipment for as long as you use it.
  • The cable is flexible which helps maintain the optimal use of the tool in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

    The FACOM ring system is in metal to withstand shock, extreme stresses and temperatures. The rings have been designed and tested by FACOM. They are designed to withstand at least 2 times the weight of the tool. The ring tool set is also tested in a real situations with a test of 400 falls per tool type. FACOM assembles the rings in its factories using servo presses that ensure perfect crimping.

    A unit tensile test is performed on each tool during assembly of the ring. A verification report is issued and a unique serial number is engraved on the tool. Thus FACOM tracks its production to guarantee maximum security. The unique serial number also enables you to identify and track your tool throughout its lifetime.

    The tools in the SLS range have been specially designed by Facom to maintain comfort in all conditions and the performance of its standard tools.

    FACOM SLS Ergonomics

    The SLS ring slides from one side to the other of the spanner handle to allow optimum use of the spanner opening and eye.

    FACOM SLS Ergonomics

    The ratchet handles are fitted with a shackle for easy attachment of the carabiner and freedom of movement.

    FACOM SLS Ergonomics

    The SLS ring allows the screwdriver to be rotated without twisting the lanyard.

    FACOM SLS Ergonomics

    The SLS ring passes through the metal part of the plier handles to ensure a rock-solid resistance.

    SLS Accessories

    As standard FACOM delivers its lanyards and accessories with security screw. Automatic closing of the carabiner and the screw provide the carabiner with double safety.