RWS2 composition

ROLL Workshop System


Whatever the size of your workshop or your garage, FACOM offers its 2nd generation of ROLL Workshop System range, a quick-to-define, easy-to-install, quality-friendly design solution and competitive price while preserving design and production in France, dear to the brand.


Starting from its 20 core modules including tall cabinets, chests, drawer cabinets, worktops, shelving and lighting, the ROLL Workshop System range allows you to quickly define the answer to your workshop’s layout needs.

The 100% metal and self-supporting structure, the high-strength worktop, the ball slides and the epoxy paint finish underline the professional quality of this product.The storage modules feature a centralised locking system for securing your tools.

Front view RWS2-9BS composition
Front view RWS2-8BS composition
RWS2 composition


The ROLL Workshop System concept makes assembly of furniture very fast and easy. Thanks to the self-standing structure, the units are fitted independently of walls, and each module is delivered ready-assembled. You can install your units wherever you want.

1. Place base units

2. Behind base units, mount the fitting kit (RWS2-TUBESBS).

3. Fix pegboards or top units on the tubes.

RWS2 composition

Confortable and ergonomic

There are two height options available: 847mm and 1,012mm including the 30mm worktop.

Ideal for standing job and optimize your storage space.

Your roller cabinet finds a place under the work surface.

This versatile system incorporates a raft of new, space-saving modules, delivering even more efficient ways to safely organise and store equipment and accessories, as well as items such as cleaning materials and power tools.

Corner unit with wood worktop RWS2 black

Corner Station Unit with worktop

Engineered for maximum space efficiency, the new Corner Station Unit is available with a wooden or galvanised worktop finish, and includes three perforated pegboards. This self-supporting corner solution offers the hanging surface of six standard panels.

Roller cabinet 6 drawers RWS2 black

Under-worktop Mobile Base Unit

This manoeuvrable six-drawer mobile base unit features four strong 360° swivel casters with brakes at the front, and includes two large handles on the front side for added mobility and control.

Powertool rack unit RWS2 black

Power Tool Organiser

Designed for easy access and retrieval, this useful rack can hold up to six power tools and connects to the Roll Workshop Top Chest.

Base unit with bin and paper roll holder RWS2 black

Service Clean Station

This unit features a built-in recycling bin designed to tidily store used rags and other waste during the working day. It also incorporates a paper roll holder with convenient tear-off function and a space for sprays and other cleaning items.

Drawer on wheels for unit bases of RWS2 black

Drawer on wheels

Sliding neatly between the feet of the cabinets, this open mobile drawer delivers smart additional storage space for cable reels, accessories, cleaning materials and other sundry items, leaving no wasted space under the cabinets

RWS2 composition

All the essentials to optimise your workshop

Whatever the size of your workshop or your garage, you can equip it with a quick-to-define, easy-to-install, quality-friendly design solution.


Made in France at the heart of our Feuquières-en-Vimeu factory by a team with proven know-how in the field of sheet metal work, plastics processing, painting and assembly.


Our furniture is guaranteed for 5 years.