New CPE and VE pliers



Innovation at the cutting edge.

FACOM® enhanced its current range and introduced the next generation models in its successful CPE and 1,000 volts insulated VE Series pliers ranges!

Continuing to lead the way in hand tool innovation, FACOM introduced the next generation models in its successful CPE and 1,000 volts insulated VE ranges, incorporating enhanced technology and design features..

Improving on FACOM’s already successful series of industrial pliers, a full range of chrome plated Next Generation CPE and 1,000 volts insulated VE pliers has been introduced. Manufactured from resilient, corrosion- and chemical-resistant materials for a multitude of intensive cutting applications, the enhanced line-up has been designed to allow professional operators to quickly complete repetitive work with best-in-class ergonomics and benchmark cutting performance (ISO+2: 160mm DCP performs to 200mm ISO standard of 2mm piano wire).

Thanks to their unique, redesigned forged element, the new CPE and 1,000 volts insulated VE pliers offer up to 20% more durability than previous models. The broad, ergonomic handles have been precisely sculptured to reduce pressure points and allow the user to apply maximum force with more frequency, without the pain or strain associated with standard pliers – delivering a 25% improvement.

An independent study carried out by United States Ergonomics (US Ergo) demonstrated a significant decrease in the muscle effort and work required by the user, and therefore considerably reduced strain and fatigue, compared to equivalent pliers when carrying out the same task. In these tests, the FACOM CPE models were the only products to result in no uncomfortable pressure points throughout the research period.

Further improved features include a bi-material grip ensuring optimum comfort, re-profiled and higher specification cutting edges, and a spring return design that simplifies the holding position and reduces strain in prolonged use. A high leverage, offset rivet position delivers market-leading performance transfer.

Each set of pliers also includes a hanging hole, making it tether-ready for extra convenience and safety.

All FACOM pliers are precision-engineered in France to exacting standards and come with a lifetime warranty.


CPE & VE new ranges

CPE Less Effort

Less effort

  • Cutting requires less force return spring reduces total user effort and strain
CPE Soft Grip

Soft grip

  • For improved comfort
  • Ergnomic hand

CPE Increased Durability

Increased durability

  • Longer life performance


High leverage rivet position provides market leading effort transfer


Broader handle provides greater comfort users returning a 25% improvement



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