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Torque wrenches and torque controllers from FACOM 'electronic torque control' range can be paired with a computer.
Connecting to a computer allows you to transfer data collected when using the wrench. This requires the installation of drivers and specifics softwares.

cd Electronic Screwdrivers

Handbook and installations softwares - E.S401 & E.S404
Pairing with a computer - instructions

cd Electronic torque wrenches

Handbook and installations softwares - E.306
Handbook and installations softwares - E.316
Pairing with a computer - instructions

cd Torque controller

Data transmission from the E.2000 torque controller to a computer requires :
  1. Installation of an USB driver provided with the E.2000's installation software
  2. Installation of HyperTerminal software that allows recent Windows exploitation systems to receive datas from communication port used by CAGI software
  3. Installation of CAGI software aimed to receive torque controller's values on your computer
Operations need to be complected one after the other

E.2000 controller must be plugged before running CAGI software, to receive data.

Handbook and installations softwares - E.2000
Link to Hyperterminal
CAGI software
Pairing with a computer - instructions

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