slimblade - Insulated Slim Blade Range Screwdrivers

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The main benefits for the VDE Slim blade screwdriver are accessibility and safety : ideal for hard to reach areas for VDE insulation.

  • A slim blade

    The slim blade up to 27% reduction versus the standard insulated blade : this allows effortless access to low-lying fastening/spring or push-in mechanisms.

  • Protwist® handle

    The Facom unique Protwist® design allows the user to have a perfect grip resulting in the ideal combination of torque transmission and screwdriving speed with less effort.

  • A complete range

    Complete range for all sizes and types : all tasks covered for key applications such as wiring, repair and electrical Maintenance.

  • Meets the standards

    Meets American standard ASTM F1505 and European standard IEC 60900 : Allows contractors to  work on different jobs across the globe according to health & safety regulations.

  • Why also Borneo ?

    Powerful tightening due to best torque transmission and no slipping for best contact (less wear) and higher security

1000 volts slimblade

Slim blade

Up to 27%
reduction to the blade

Up to 90%

of users are cutting the insulation due to accessibility problems