Screwdriver PROTWIST® set, 5 pieces

Screwdriver PROTWIST® set, 5 pieces

  • Inline Hardening Process – +100% Tip Life and +100% Bar Strength
  • Handle Material - Softer for more Comfort and still Chemical Resistant
  • Blade " tri-coating " treatment (Zinc-Nickel-Chromium) 4x Corrosion Resistance
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Additional Features

  • Handle ‘Channel’ - +10% Torque
  • Laser Marking - gives virtually Permanent Marking
  • CNC tip machining - gives better Screw Fit increasing Torque Transfer and Reducing Wear
  • Range of set: PH0 - PH4
  • Content: ATP0X75, ATP1X100, ATP2X125, ATP3X150, ATP4X200


Product Weight
0.00075 Kg
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