Roller cabinet 6 drawers, 569 x 421 mm, 3 modules per drawer

Roller cabinet 6 drawers, 569 x 421 mm, 3 modules per drawer

  • 6 drawers roller cabinet = 15 modules
  • 3 drawers height 60 mm = 9 modules
  • 2 drawers height 130 mm = 6 modules
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Additional Features

  • 1 drawer height: 200 mm, can also be fitted with modules
  • Drawers can be fitted with thermoshaped or foam modules from FACOM Modular system program
  • Drawers useful dimensions: L 569 x D 421 x H 60/130/200 mm
  • Load resistance per drawer: 20/25/30 kg
  • Worktop: Large worktop (560 x 460 mm) made of polypropylene with fiber impact and chemical resistant, static load resistance 800 kg
  • Even more functional: Integrated bi-material handle with soft grip on each side of the trolley. One for moving and one for lifting the trolley over obstacles
  • Dedicated slots for 3 screwdrivers
  • Ergonomic and secure drawers: Polypropylene drawer drawer handles with safety hooks. No risk of opening while in motion
  • Central locking system with key lock, supplied with 2 keys, 1 of which is hinged
  • Manoeuvrability: Low starting effort, long life, high resistance to heavy loads
  • 4 wheels diameter 125 mm, 2 fixed and 2 swivel, each equipped with a brake for more stability when working at a standstill
  • Roller cabinet delivered with wheels already attached
  • Accessories: Supplied with 1 bottle holder, fits on the right or left
  • Sides are perforated to receive some JET accessories
  • Additional partitions can be purchased as an option if required: JET2.15 for 60 mm drawers and JET2.16 for 130 mm drawers


Material of Drawer Corner Protectors
Soft Plastic
Black 9004
Material of Box Corner Protectors
Soft Plastic
Drawer Mat
Body Metal Thickness
1 mm


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