Double SLS HOOKSafety Lock System

Double SLS HOOKSafety Lock System

  • SLS HOOK hook securing tools against falling: - 100% reliable solution during tool transfers. The SLS HOOK double hook locks onto its SLS HOOK holder only upon connection with another SLS HOOK holder. The tool remains connected during the entire transfer operation. - A tool fitted with the SLS HOOK double hook is transferred from one hand to the other or from one operator to another without any risk of falling. - Unlike a tool fastened to the belt with a lanyard, the SLS HOOK system is fastened to the user's wrist and reduces the falling height when the tool slips from the hand
  • Comfortable: - Passing from one SLS HOOK holder to another is easy and fast. - Using the SLS HOOK system (hook + holder) is highly intuitive. Getting acquainted is instant. - The SLS HOOK double hook fastened to the wrist ensures a high freedom of movement
  • The SLS HOOK double hook is compatible with the wrist bracelet WRT-SHSLS or the belt bag SH-BAG1SLS. The SLS HOOK holder SH-SUPSLS is also available per unit. It can be fastened to your own equipment: belt, backpack strap
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Additional Features

  • Resistance: The SLS HOOK double hook withstands the most extreme conditions in your profession: - Aluminium body combining light weight, resistance to shocks, most common solvents and temperature differences. - Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene mechanism and stainless steel spring for high resistance and durability
  • SLS HOOK double hook alone: length: 62 mm; width: 39 mm; thickness: 12.5 mm
  • String: length: 158 mm; diameter: 3 mm
  • Stainless steel screw snap hook: length 50 mm; diameter 5 mm
  • Acceptable nominal load: 2.7 kg


CE Mark
Product Weight
0.065 Kg
Number of Pieces
Is it a Set
Product Length
270 mm


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