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Positioned at the centre of the tool, a multi-functional control button enables the Smart Torque Wrench to be switched on and off, as well as initiating and confirming Bluetooth pairing. It also facilitates access to a manual setting mode if required, for additional practicality.

A high contrast, illuminated OLED display provides a clear view of all on-screen information, and is protected by a rubber bumper for extra resilience. Four LED progress lights deliver 360 degree visibility within darker environments, and indicate tightening progress versus the desired torque target (changing from amber to green to a red flashing light).

Tool security options have been built into the product, with a ‘find me’ function enabling the user to page the wrench to determine which one is currently paired. From the recorded information, management can discover the status, schedule and condition of the tools, while user profiles can be created to prevent tampering or theft.

Aiding both organisation and workflow, the FACOM Smart Torque Wrench comes complete with a robust charging dock that can be positioned securely on a workbench horizontally, or wall mounted for added convenience and flexibility. The internal rechargeable battery provides one week’s standby time or a full working day’s operation.

Thanks to research and feedback from professional users, FACOM has designed the tool without an open USB connection, reinforcing durability and allowing the wrench to be IP54 certified for resistance to water and dust ingress.

When calibration is required, the wrench will alert the owner via the LED light, the screen and the app, and updates are also available on battery level and memory status. Furthermore, detailed product training and support has been incorporated within the app.

SMART Torque Features & Benefits

Smart Torque F&B
  1. PROGRESS LIGHTS 4 LED lights for 360 degree visibility in dark environment provide feedback on tightening progress versus target. Amber (>70%), green (OK), red flashing (Stop)
  2. OLED DISPLAY High contrast illuminated. Protected with rubber bumber. Provides status and info.
  3. STATUS LIGHTS Connection: Bluetooth connection. Warning: Battery/Memory/Calibration
  4. CONTROL BUTTON Turn on / initiate pairing / OK / confirm / Access 'manual' setting mode
  5. TACTILE FEEDBACK Haptic alert on approach. Positive click at target.

Model Range Drive Accuracy
E.516ST-30 6 - 30 Nm 1/4" 2%
E.516ST-135 13.5 - 135 Nm 3/8" 2%
E.516ST-340 34 - 340 Nm 1/2" 2%

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  • Featuring Bluetooth technology.
  • Dedicated app and cloud-based data storage for management analysis and audit trail.
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  • Rechargeable via desktop or wall-mounted docking station, providing ultimate convenience, durability and flexibility.
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IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.

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