AMERICAN STYLE: A streamlined design

Robust and comfortable
  • Lid fitted with heavy duty gas jacks: easy opening and closing
  • Double pair of sliders on the wide drawer and large drawers: reinforced strength
  • High grade round key
  • Recessed lock for maximum security
  • Massive ergonomic handle
  • JET+ high resistance wheels

Amazing storage volume

Chest / 8 drawers

  • Very spacious storage space, ideal for large tools and objects.
  • 4 drawers – 3 modules and 4 drawers – 2 modules  

Rolling cabinet / 13 drawers

  • 1st drawer “total vision”. Extra wide, perfect for long tools and objects. Houses 5 modules
  • 6 drawers – 3 modules and 6 drawers – 2 modules  
  • Compatible with FACOM modules


  • Anti-slip mat in all drawers: no more wandering tools.
  • Rubber mat on the top of the roller cabinet: if you do not use the chest, your work top is protected.
  • Handle with soft grip for more comfort.