NS.2500G - NS.3100G - NS.3500G

1/2" Pneumatic Impact Wrench series Black/Grey


The ultimate unscrewing tool !

FACOM launches a new complete range of pneumatic wrenches suitable for professional needs.

All FACOM pneumatic wrenches of the range have a progressive trigger for a better speed control and an ergonomic handle for a greater user comfort. In addition, the cold forged "double-hammer" striking system provides a better durability for a more sustainable tool. Finally, each model of pneumatic wrench has a quiet exhaust that guarantees an acceptable working sound level as well as a rubber protection against shocks and falls that can occur in the workshop.

Expanding its range of premium impact tools for the automotive and industrial sectors, FACOM has revealed a new line-up of ½” Pneumatic Impact Wrenches, featuring class-leading power and breakaway torque up to 1,898Nm, to handle the most challenging professional assembly, tightening and unfastening applications. 

A choice of three models is available, depending on the needs of the individual user or workshop team, all offering exceptional durability and performance, with the ability to take on the loosening or removal of stubborn or rusted fasteners.

  • NS.2500G : A compact 1/2'' pneumatic wrench, smaller, lighter and equipped with an LED module for working in dark areas.
  • NS.3100G : An affordable and powerful 1/2" pneumatic wrench designed for flexibility.
  • NS.3500G : The most powerful 1/2" pneumatic wrench, designed for performance and intensive work.

Compact and lightweight, each unit has been designed to manoeuvre into the tightest or most awkward of spaces, making these models ideal for working in a wide variety of automotive environments, including inside smaller vehicle engines, and also suitable for one-handed operation.

Built for optimum comfort in prolonged or repetitive use, the ergonomically-engineered soft grip handle decreases the risk of fatigue, while the progressive trigger ensures the user has maximum control when completing each task – minimising the hazards of breaking, over-threading, or damage to fasteners, materials or accessories. Uniquely engineered and manufactured by FACOM, a patented removable LED lighting module comes with the 950Nm and 1,898Nm full size models (NS.2500G and NS.3500G).

The world’s first worklight of its kind on a pneumatic tool, it delivers highly effective illumination for operating in dark or cramped spaces. This innovative lighting solution is also rechargeable by USB and provides maximum visibility for a safer, more productive working environment.

NS.2500G NS.3100G NS.3500G

Lighting - LED Module


Removable & rechargable lighting solution to illuminate dark areas – Patented design.

Practical and ergonomic

pratique right

3 forward, 1 reverse speed with single hand operation.