Greater productivity, Comfort and Safety :

  • Work faster
    - No slipping through the bolt at ring-end
    - Better "locking" on the open end
  • More comfort
    - Less chance of rounding fasteners
    - No need to hold the wrench on fastener heads i.e. with a second hand
    - Accessible like standard ring-end
    - Durable as a standard 467 ring-end
  • More safety
    - "Locking" at the open AND ring end prevents injuries

  • Anti slip ring end :
    More productivity/safety.
  • Spring-clip inside :
    No slipping from the fastener head.
    "Pass through" function to have access to a second nut.
  • Anti slip open end :
    More productivity/safety.
  • Special designed open end :
    Less slipping and rounding of fastener heads.
  • High strength guaranted ratchet mechanism : ISO 1711-1.
  • Integral reversing lever avoids any risk of accidental reversal.
  • Boxend : ratchet system with 5° increment, 15° angled.
  • Open-end head : 15° angled for side access.
  • Pocket holder : No more lost wrenches after work = No risk of injury

The 467AS combines productivity and safety whilst retaining the same accessibility than the standard 467, and complies with the highest levels of standardization to meet every day requirements. This tool can replace a standard wrench in all industries like automotive, electrical and mechanical installers, Aerospace, etc. All end users who are using a ratchet combination wrench in professional industries will benefit from the 467AS.
The product benefits from excellent ergonomics, a lifetime and the high quality which can be expected from the FACOM brand.

467AS - Anti slip open end 467AS - Anti slip ring end 467AS - Anti slip ring end 467AS - Anti slip ring end 467AS 467AS - Anti slip ring end

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