467BR - The new fast open end ratchet combination wrench

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image1-467r Double ratchet :
Ratchet effect ring and open wrench.
image2-467r 2-in-1 open end :
Open end fully pushed = ratchet effect.
Open end semi-engaged = approach phase.
image3-46r=7r Durable open end :
The open end has a special FACOM design shape guaranteeing high strength and increased longevity.
image4-467r Fast work :
The ratchet mechanism allows easy tightening without wasting time repositioning the wrench.
image5-467r Secure work :
High strength mechanism.
Built-in switch: avoids any risk of accidental reversing.

Versatile :
Broad range.
Open end ratchet :
2 in 1. Ring ratchet.