Adjustability reinvented.
High performance and manoeuvrability !

Three series of innovative adjustable wrenches added to FACOM line-up: 101 Quick Adjust All-Metal, 101.G Quick Adjust Bi-Material and 101.GR Reversible Adjustable models.

FACOM has extended its line-up of premium 101 Adjustable Wrenches with the addition of three advanced new ranges: the 101, 101.G and 101.GR series.

With a long history of innovation in the automotive and industrial hand tools category, FACOM developed its first adaptable wrench more than 100 years ago. Known locally as ‘Madam 101’, this high quality, durable, adjustable tool was originally created in 1918 for use by French railway engineers, and became synonymous with the FACOM brand.

Ever since this iconic product was invented, FACOM has been a true pioneer in this field, developing tools that deliver outstanding strength, ergonomics and versatility. Now, in 2018, FACOM has raised the bar once again.

Each model in the new 101 range boasts a multitude of benefits, including a new head design angled precisely at 22.5º for optimum accessibility within tight or narrow spaces.

An enhanced, ergonomic handle

An enhanced, ergonomic handle affords increased comfort, combined with improved torque transfer, ultimately requiring less manual effort in use. Furthermore, a tethering hole has been integrated into the handle, ensuring tools are never mislaid or dropped, and delivering additional safety for users when working at heights. On the 101.G and 101.GR series, each tool features a high quality bi-material handle, providing an extra-secure grip and a reduced risk of slipping.

Furthermore, FACOM has added both a metric and imperial scale, allowing the operator to read the nut size quickly and easily.

The jaw capacity has been increased

Designed to accommodate large tubes, pipes and other wider materials, the jaw capacity of the 101 and 101.G range has been increased by 15% compared to standard models*. Both series incorporate a highly efficient quick adjust system that is two to three times faster than a traditional adjustable wrench, saving users a significant amount of time and effort during the working day. The operator simply depresses the integrated button to release and adjust the moving jaw instantly. The jaw can then be tightened on the nut rapidly and securely, with fine adjustments controlled using the worm mechanism.

Engineered for maximum versatility, the innovative 101.GR model features a reversible jaw that is flat on one side to avoid damaging the surface of materials or parts. The other edge of the jaw is finely serrated for powerful tightening of pipes, tubes and parts that require a stronger grip and a higher level of torque. Its slim profile design offers even further accessibility where space is restricted.

101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches 101 Series - Adjustable wrenches


Reversible jaw. Flat on one side for traditional usage to avoid damaging the parts worked. Finely serrated on the other side for powerful tightening on tubes and other parts requiring strong grip and high torque. (Series 101GR).


Easy and fast moving jaw tightening on the nut using the wheel (Series 101 and 101G).


Head angled at 22° for better access.


1st Side flat : no damage on workpiece.

2nd side designed with gripping surface :
it can be used like a pipe wrench on tubes/pipes when good grip is needed & surface not fragile.


Dual scale enables rapid metric and imperial measurements.