Metric 12 combination wrench set


Key facts

Resistant to chemicals and impacts.

More efficient open-end / handle geometry:

  • Saves 20% time.
  • Save 15% space in highly confined zones.

more control during pre-tightening:

  • More stable.
  • Easier to guide.
  • Wrench does not turn in the hand.

more comfort:

  • Variable handle cross section doubles the surface in contact with the hand.

more power, delivered safely

  • The combination wrench 440 was designed to combine compactness with strength:
  • Dimensions meet the requirements of tooling standards NF ISO 1711-1 and aerospace standard SAE AS 954G.
  • Tightening torques guaranteed significantly above specifications of high strength tooling and bolting standards ISO 898-1 (quality class 12.9).
  • Combination wrench 440 was also designed to ensure maximum user safety. When critical tightening torques are reached, the wrench is distorted gradually. No brutal breaking likely to injure the user.


Compact and organised wrench set in the sleeve hence saving space. Easy to store in any Facom roller cabinet drawer and tool box compartment.

Better ring head accessibility:

Ring head provides better clearance for reaching recessed or closely spaced nuts.